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The Purpose of This Page

Sound for musicians is a new section that I am adding to the site.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a musician BUT I have had ample opportunity to observe bands and musicians from my position at the front of house mixing location.

The bits of knowledge that I hope to pass on here could make your and my job easier. Musicians tend, rightly, to be focused on their art. While keeping the art as the primary objective there are some things, mostly concerning sound, that can make the performance better. Some of these things you may not know. Other articles may open a way of thinking about things that can make the experience better for you and your audience.

I currently have several articles planned for this section of the site. There is a comment box at the bottom of this page and all of the article pages. If you would like me to write something on a subject that I have not yet covered please leave a comment here or on my 'Message Center' page. If you have questions or comments on specific articles please leave them in the comment box on the article page.

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Critical Listening Skills for Audio Professionals

The best engineers have trained their ears to immediately recognize audio problems that the consumer would likely not hear. The ability to instantly identify frequencies, hear hidden distortions, and instinctively reconcile conflicts in the EQ of instruments, audio elements, vocals and more are traits of those who have mastered the art of audio production.

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