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This is a reprint of a post on my Blog at AudioArtSound. I will be adding more articles to this series as I progress in this area.

News Flash: The parts for this digital mixing system are on order. If you would like to follow the progress I am writting it up on my computer hobbist site at:

For a bit more information and and offer to assist in assembling your own SAC systerm visit my new site: Mixer In A Box

Live Digital Audio Software

I am exploring entering the digital audio age through a software audio console. There are some very enthusiastic supporters of the software. I have been researching this approach for the last few days. The options seem to be nearly endless.

I was thinking of getting this together for BikeWeeK, but the more I read on the subject the more I realize how much that I have to learn before I will be ready to implement this solution. Possibly by Myrtle Beach I could have this system up and running. If I do go this route I will probably carry at least two complete systems, and possibly three, out to Sturgis in August.

The Features and Advantages

The software will handle 72 channels of audio and has flexible internal virtual patching. I am way behind the curve as far as digital audio in concerned so I have to learn nearly everything. A hazy picture of what is necessary is beginning to form.

Taking this approach will eliminate a huge amount of equipment. The house rack will be an unnecessary item as all of the functions will be built into the software or added via plug-ins. The snake and split are not needed. The software allows the FOH and 24 stereo monitor mixes to be operated for a show. The actual mix can be done from a laptop that can be located anywhere in the venue thanks to wireless technology. It would not be necessary to have any wires from the stage to the mix location. The monitor tech with a laptop could stand right beside the musician while doing the initial monitor mix and hear what the musician is hearing without a cue wedge.

Virtual Live Sound Mixing

Even writing this entry gets me more excited about the possibilities. There are truly huge advantages to this system. It will give the possibility of doing small gigs with a full featured system without carrying large amounts of equipment. For the hotel gigs there will be no wires to tape down. For parties one can mix from anywhere in the room. There is the possibility to allow the musicians to mix their own monitors. The 24 monitor mixes are all stereo, so all in-ear mixes can be in stereo.

Beside audio, computers are of great interest to me. I have been a computer hobbyist for several years. This system will allow me to enjoy two of my areas of interest at the same time. I am looking forward to the challenges of getting this system into operation.

Post Script

I have now been using this system for most of my shows for the past six months. I have established a website dedicated to this software. For more information pleas visit Mixer in a Box.

Book of the Day

How Does It Sound Now?

This book interviews 25 of the most famous previous and current audio engineers, including Phil Ramone, Eliot Sheiner, George Massenberg, Al Schmitt, and many more, and explores their use, methodology, and in some cases, invention of classic analog recording hardware.

Check It Out

Are you a Digital or Analog person?

Do you think that you could mix on a computer?

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