Grand ReOpening – The Forum is Back!

I had a computer glitch and lost access to the forum. There were several people waiting for their applications to be approved, but I could not log in. The forum was very angry with me and even refused to reset the admin password.

One of those waiting emailed me inquiring about the status of his application. This lit the needed fire and I went to the phpBB support forum. The answer to my problem was there waiting for me. The implementation of the repair was straight forward, and I regained access to my own board.

I checked out the pending applications and approved all that were not from known forum spammers. I do want to keep the board as spam free as possible. That is the reason that the board is set for manual approval.

If you have not yet registered for the forum, please visit the Live Sound Forum and open your account today. Please participate in the discussions there!


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Special Messages

I have been updating and adding some new content to my Mixer in a Box site. The site has some information about the software that I use for live virtual mixing of sound.

One Response to “Grand ReOpening – The Forum is Back!”

  1. Caryn Rosseter Says:

    Love your site man keep up the good work