A Tip of a Different Sort

This post does not have direct impact on live sound but I wanted to tell you about a blog that may be of interest to many of my visitors. I have a site that presents some of my live recordings. These recordings are all direct to CD from my mixing console without significant post production work.

In conjunction with the site I recently established the About Music blog. Primarily I am posting articles about all phases of the music industry. There are now articles on various instruments and how to get started in music. I hope that you will find something of interest there. Please visit The About Music Blog. There are links in the right column if you want to check out any of the recordings that I have to offer.

You can tell me what you think in a comment here or on the About Music blog. Thanks!

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Special Messages

I have been updating and adding some new content to my Mixer in a Box site. The site has some information about the software that I use for live virtual mixing of sound.

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